The Special Photo Study Collections of the Dutch University Institute for Art History comprise the photographic archives of:

Benedict Nicolson (1914-1978), former director of "The Burlington Magazine" (1948-1978).
    Widely reknowned for his expertise on 17th century painting, Nicolson, over a period of more than thirty years, assembled the world's most important and extensive collection of photographs on Caravaggism in Europe (Caravaggio and his followers).

Hermann Georg August Voss (1884-1969), former director of the Gemäldegalerie Dresden, and Gerhard Ewald (1927-1997), former keeper of the Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart.
    Hermann Voss was a major expert in European painting of the Mannerist and Baroque periods. He started assembling photographs in the 1920s, having access to many German private collections that are now lost or dispersed. His unique private study collection focusses on 17th and 18th century painting in Venice, Genoa, Naples, Rome and Florence.

Luigi Magnaguagno, art dealer in Milan until 1995, specialized in Dutch and Flemish painting.
    His photographic archive reflects the developments in the international art market between 1965 and 1995.

The catalog currently consists of approximately 50,000 records representing the holdings of three historic parts of our Special Photo Study Collections, described above.
The object described in each record is not the photograph kept in our collections but rather the work of art it represents.
The descriptions of the art works follow universally accepted standards. About 70 % of the records includes bibliographical references. Our database also includes a conspicuous amount of unpublished and unknown material. The handwritten notes by Voss, Nicolson and Magnaguagno that accompany the photographs may contain original information regarding ownership history, former attributions and sale results. If possible, such information is included in the descriptive record.
The attribution terms are in line with the attribution terms used for the Institute's major current research project the 'REPERTORY OF DUTCH AND FLEMISH PAINTINGS IN ITALIAN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS'.